Have you ever wondered “do I give my dog enough attention?” or “should I be giving my dog more attention?” Of course, you should! There’s nothing wrong with showing your dog more attention and love.

Here are some reasons why you should give your dog more attention.

Dogs are only with us for a short time.
It’s sad, but it’s true, dogs are not with us very long. So since you know that your dog will only be with you for a short time it’s very important to give your dog as much attention as you can.

Dogs need your attention and companionship
Dogs love being around their owner and just love being a part of their day in any way that they can. There are a few moments in the day when he wants some time to himself, but it’s not much. Let your dog cuddle up with you and talk to him. Your dog needs you so make sure you are there for him.

Dogs need to be active
Dogs need to be active to be healthy just like you do. You want your dog around for as much as possible right? Be active with your dog on a regular basis by taking your dog for a walk or jog. Let your dog interact and play with other dogs at the dog park. Have a playdate with other dogs in your family or your friend’s dog.

Dogs are the best friends you’ll ever have
Make sure you pencil your dog in on that busy schedule of yours. Include your dog in some of your activities. Check to see if some of the places you go are dog-friendly and bring your dog along. Always be there for your dog and show him that you care! That starts with giving him your attention and he needs it every single day.