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If you’re already getting fit with your dog as your exercise partner – good for you! You’re likely part of the 54% of dog owners who state that owning a dog keeps them active. Are you getting enough physical activity for both you and your dog? Here are some reasons why you should exercise and be active together!

Benefits To You

Have an exercise partner is a great way to keep your motivation up! Setting a routine for your dog is a reason to keep your commitment to being active. Dogs are typically always excited and ready to go out and exercise! Try transforming your 30-minute walk with your dog into a 30-minute run and you’ll be seeing the benefits of a more healthy lifestyle in no time.

Benefits To Your Pup

Most importantly, exercising with your dog helps them to maintain a healthy body weight. More than half of the dogs and cats in North America are overweight or obese. Getting your pet moving helps to decrease the risk of health problems arising in the future! Regular exercise helps your canine pal maintain a strong cardiovascular system, improve muscle toning, and prevent arthritis.

Treat exercise time as a time for you and your dog to bond! No doubt, your dog will be more than happy to be spending this quality time with you and you will both experience significant physical and mental benefits.

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