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Regularly brushing your cat’s teeth is important in order to help them keep healthy teeth and gums and avoid disease! While you might think this is a chore and may be uncomfortable for your cat – it is exactly the opposite! Teeth brushing time should be enjoyable for you both, and it can be with these 5 easy-to-follow steps to brushing your cat’s teeth.

Before you begin, you’ll need to purchase your tools and supplied! You can get a cat-sized toothbrush from your Vancouver veterinarian, Anderson Animal Hospital, or at any local pet store. If you don’t want to use a brush, you can buy a softer, rubber brush that goes over your finger. You will also require toothpaste, which can be bought in fun flavours like chicken or fish. Never ever use human toothpaste on your cat! Now – let’s begin!

Step 1: Let your cat get comfortable in your lap and let them relax.

Step 2: Gently raise their lip on one side of their mouth and carefully brush the outer portions of the teeth. Always brush downwards and away from the gum line to clear the teeth of any food particles.

Step 3: On the bottom jaw, brush upwards and away from the gum line.

Step 4: Continue working your way around the outside of the teeth until you have brushed the entire mouth!

Step 5: Your cat will likely enjoy the taste of the toothpaste and eat it up! There’s no need to rinse their mouth. Feel free to give her some water after the brushing is complete.

And that’s it! Follow these steps to brush your cat’s teeth daily. This will help prevent diseases of the mouth and eliminate bacteria buildup. Your cat will eventually get used to this daily routine – and so will you!

If you have any more questions about brushing your cat’s teeth, call your Vancouver veterinarian, Dr. Anderson, at Anderson Animal Hospital!