Dental diseases are not just something humans have to deal with. Cats can suffer from many dental and oral problems such as tartar build-up, gingivitis, cavities, bad breath and more. What’s worse is that a dental infection can usher in other potentially life-threatening diseases. Some cat owners spend a lot of time and effort tending to their cat’s coats and spending money on otherthings. However, there is a clear lack of awareness when it comes to dental problems in cats. A short dental care routine performed regularly can protect your cat from most dental diseases. To make sure you never miss a brushing session, here’re are 3 major reasons why you need to care about your cat’s dental hygiene.

1) Dental Diseases can lead to fatal health conditions such as kidney diseases, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and heart failure. This is caused when bacteria from the mouth and teeth enter the bloodstream thus increasing the likelihood of affecting vital organs such as the lung, kidney, and liver.

2) If you think your cat doesn’t need dental care then we urge you to think again as 85% of all cats over the age of 6 are affected by one or more periodontal diseases. Domestic cats on commercial cat food are more susceptible than wild cats. This is mainly because they are fed artificial mushy food instead of their natural protein-rich diet. Cats are genetically tuned to consume raw flesh and bones of small animals. Commercial wet cat food products while convenient can drastically speed up the tartar build-up process.

3) Dental diseases can cause severe pain and you need to ensure your cat leads a happy and healthy life. While cats are masters of hiding their pain, they are not immune to it. Tooth decay and oral infections can cause severe pain that may end up affecting its overall health. Cats with severe dental issues also face difficulty chewing food which can push them towards being severely malnourished.

Dental Care Tips for Cats
Try specially made dental care food products such as dry cat food products which are specially designed to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Supplementing the regular cat food or replacing it all together with a special dental care cat food products should go a long way into keeping your cat’s teeth healthy.

The only surefire way to keep tartar and plaque at bay is by cleaning your cat’s teeth regularly. Use a vet-approved brushing tool or a medical gauze to wipe clean each tooth individually. Make sure to always buy pet meds and supplies from trusted sellers.