Are you noticing some frantic behaviour from your pet whenever you have to leave? Activity such as excessive barking, digging, destruction and urination could point to separation anxiety in your dog. Here at Anderson Animal Hospital we love seeing our furry friends happy, so here are 5 tips to reduce your pet’s anxiety:

Establish a Routine
Dogs thrive on routine. A schedule will give both you and your dog stability.  Establish a set walk, eat and play time: This will get your dog excited for their day and distract them from the idea of you leaving.

Make time for daily walks or runs with your dog. Exercise will help get rid of excess energy that could feed into your pet’s anxiety and escalate the situation.

Obedience training done under positive circumstances can help you and your pet establish boundaries of what behaviour is acceptable and could even prevent  gain independence and establish boundaries.

Avoid the “Big Goodbye”
It’s hard for us to be away from our pets. However, saying goodbye can trigger anxiety in your dog. Next time, skip the goodbye and instead offer a distraction, such as a bone, treat or toy before you leave.

In extreme cases where the above methods are not effective, you can get a customized professional opinion from your Veterinarian about further options to help lower your dog’s stress.

If you’re unsure about how to help your furry friends, Anderson Animal Hospital can help!

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