It may be that time, when your dog or cat has started acting up due to the hormones in their body. If you have a female cat, the behaviors that you might be seeing will include urination all around the house and constant yowling. If you have a male dog, you might find them attempting to escape to house, wandering away in search of a potential mate. He may start fights with other dogs, or run the risk of getting in the way of traffic. Both scenarios can result in your dog coming home with injuries.

If you notice any of these behaviors occurring, it’s time to take your pet in for surgery.

Don’t worry, getting your pet spayed or neutered is a simple process that is easily accessible and affordable in our surgical facilities. It’s also the best thing you could do for your pet. Studies show that pets will live a longer, healthier life once they have been spayed or neutered. In particular, spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer in your lady cats and dogs. Neutering helps prevent testicular cancer in mister dog. Not to mention they will be more well-behaved without their hormonal instincts pushing them towards activity that’s troubling for you and bad for their health.

Often, it’s even better to bring in your pets before the troubling behaviors that rise with pet puberty even occur. Pets can be spayed and neutered as early as eight weeks old, though the exact timing can depend on their weight. Bring your pets into our surgical facilities and we can help you determine when the best time is to undergo the operation.

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