With the long, snowy Winter we’ve had in Metro Vancouver, most people are eagerly looking forward to Spring. It’s a time when the sun shines, temperatures rise and flowers bloom. While it’s all sunshine and roses for people, it’s important to keep your pets away from certain spring flowers that can be toxic to animals. Read our list of dangerous flowers and call Anderson Animal Hospital in Vancouver in the case of an emergency.


They’re often among the first flowers to start budding through the soil when Spring arrives. However, if crocuses are ingested by your pet, it can cause a number of gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and diarrhea. When walking your dog, keep an eye out for crocuses and make sure to steer clear.


Daffodils are another common spring flower which can be toxic to animals. If eaten, daffodils can cause many of the same gastrointestinal problems as Crocuses as well as cardiovascular issues like low blood pressure and convulsions.


Easter Lilies are a popular flower that many people choose to plant in the springtime. However, these are extremely toxic to cats in particular. Ingesting even a small amount can threaten the life of your pet. If you notice lilies growing in your neighborhood, keep your cats far away.


Even in small doses, rhododendron plants can be extremely dangerous to both cats and dogs. Eating any part of this pretty plant can have severe, life threatening consequences affecting your pet’s heart, nerve, and musculoskeletal functions. Just some of the symptoms include vomiting, loss of coordination, and paralysis.

If your pet begins experiencing any of these issues, call Anderson Animal Hospital in Vancouver right away and request an emergency appointment. Our expert team will work quickly to provide your pet the very best care.