Preventative care for your pets should start from day one. Staying up to date on regular vaccinations, antiparasitic medications, and regular checkups, you can reduce the risk of your pet eventually developing diseases that can be avoided.

Dental Hygiene is an important factor that would greatly affect your cat’s health. Taking care of your cat’s teeth doesn’t have to be hard. Start with a small toothbrush that you can buy at any pet store, along with a pea size drop of pet-friendly toothpaste and gently massage tooth and gum areas. If your cat isn’t a fan of this technique, try to opt for dental treats that are designed to remove plaque while the cat eats them.

Play and exercise is another area that you should focus on while caring for your cat.  With access to toys and enough space to play around, your cat will be able to move around enough to maintain muscle strength and keep their joints and ligaments healthy over time.

We all know that diet is one of the most important and easiest ways to care for our pets. Maintaining a healthy diet for your cat can be as easy as talking to your vet about food options and going with an option that is full of vitamins, minerals, animal proteins, and as natural as possible.

The most important step to making sure your cat is healthy is to observe them and take note of any behavioral changes. Watch the signals and listen to your pet when you think something could be off.