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To keep your pet healthy and happy, it’s important to bring them in for regular veterinary check-ups! Your Vancouver veterinarian at Anderson Animal Hospital is here to help you ensure your beloved family member is at their best with comprehensive and preventative pet health care. If you’re wondering how often your pet needs a check up, the answer is: it depends on your pet’s life stage!

Birth to 1 Year

It’s recommended that you bring your kitten or puppy in every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. During this important time, your pet will need to get vaccinated for protection against rabies, influenza, and other diseases. We will do a full examination to ensure that your little one will grow up to be healthy and strong! After the vaccinations, we recommend coming in again at around 6 months, when your pet can be spayed or neutered.

1 to 7-10 Years

As an adult, your pet should receive yearly check-ups with your Vancouver veterinarian. The routine check-up will include a physical exam and blood tests. Other tests or vaccines may be recommended on a case-by-case basis. If at any point, you are feeling uncertain about your pet’s health, it is best to come to Anderson Animal Hospital so Dr. Anderson can help!

7 to 10 Years and Up

As your pets become seniors, check-ups twice a year are recommended. As per usual, a physical exam will be performed and other tests as advised. At this age, it’s important to watch your pet’s kidney and liver health, as well as thyroid hormone levels. Be alert for differences in behavior and communicate these to your vet.

Anderson Animal Hospital is the most trusted veterinary hospital for cats, dogs, and many other beloved pets in Vancouver! Bring your pet to us for a health check-up and we promise to give your loved one the gentle and exceptional care. Call us today at (604) 263-6767.