Planning a getaway? Unfortunately, most of the time we can’t bring our pets with us while we escape to the tropics, but there are a lot of different options available.

If you can’t keep your pet at a friends house for your vacation, consider the options of boarding facilities.

Here are some tips for picking the right boarding facility for your pet:


Like you would meet anybody in charge of your child’s care, it’s important to get to know the staff that would be taking care of your pet. Introduce them to your pet to see if they are comfortable with being around them.


While leaving your pet in someone else’s care, it is important to have good communication about what you expect for your fur baby. Every pet has their own quirks and it is important to share them with staff. Does your pet get scared of big dogs? Do they play a little rough sometimes? Make sure to go over their behaviors and habits.


Leave behind detailed and clear instructions, and talk them through with the caregiver. Some pets have special feeding schedules, medications, toys/bedding, etc. When you’re on vacation you might be hard to get a hold of so it would also be a great idea to give them an emergency contact number beside your own in case something goes wrong.


Compare the different facilities in your neighborhood. Similar to hotels, different locations will have different amenities. If you have an energetic dog, take into consideration the outdoor play areas or room for activities. For nervous pets, consider a location that offers more one on one care. Did you know some boarding facilities even offer to read your pet a bedtime story? Do your research to find one that fits your pets needs the best and where you can feel worry-free while on your trip.