Unfortunately, you can’t always take your pets with you everywhere. Many families choose to leave the dog at home when departing for their annual vacation. However, leaving your pets alone for an extended period can cause them stress. That’s why Anderson Animal Hospital offers pet boarding for a wide range of animals in Vancouver.

While some animals are comfortable with solitude, others require regular love and attention, not to mention food and water. If you’re going away, you may choose to have a friend check in on Rover once or twice a day, leaving them completely alone the rest of the time. For most pets, this is not enough. Another option is to have them stay with a friend or family member while you’re away. This can be a good option if it’s someone your pet knows and trusts, otherwise the unfamiliar surroundings and people can cause further stress. A sure way to make sure your pet is properly taken care of is to find a pet boarding service you can trust.

Rather than worrying about the health and emotional well-being of your best friend, drop them off at Anderson Animal Hospital. We provide professional pet boarding with the care and attention necessary for your pet to relax and enjoy their stay at our Vancouver location. As veterinary professionals, we have a wide range of experience with a diverse range of animals, that allows us to provide the best environment for your pet.

If you’re going on vacation, give your pet one too! Bring them to Anderson Animal Hospital so they can enjoy your holiday almost as much as you do. To learn more about our expert pet boarding services in Vancouver, contact us today by phone or using our online form.