You’re driving in your car with the holiday music is blaring and everyone singing along. It’s raining, not unlike any other day in good old Vancouver. Little Spot is roaming free in the car, hopping from lap to lap, seat to seat. All is happy and well.

All of a sudden, a truck hydroplanes in front of you. You swerve. Hard. You’ve avoided the collision. However, you swerve so hard that little Spot slammed with equal force into the front dashboard. He is now injured.

Who decides your pet’s safety?

As the holidays creep up and family gatherings begin, traveling in poor conditions tends to rise. We keep ourselves safe with seatbelts, but a lot of the time pets are left to roam through the vehicle or truck area. At Anderson Animal Hospital, we know that you care about your pet, so let’s keep them as safe as possible. To keep your pet safe this holiday season, consider a harness for your pet or a padded crate for them. 

We believe you can keep both of you and your pets safe.

In case of an emergency, we are here for you! Do not hesitate to contact Anderson Animal Hospital for any advice.