Moving can be really stressful for your whole family, including your pets. Pets can get overwhelmed with changes in your home as you pack, and be settling into a new place can be nerve-wracking.

It is common to notice behavior changes or problems during or after a move into your new place. Maybe they are confused about where to go to the bathroom or wandering around nervous because they cant find their favorite bed. Follow these simple steps to make sure your fur baby feels safe and comfortable in your new home before you even begin unpacking.

Maintain your routines

Like humans, dogs are creatures of habit. Even in the hustle and bustle of a move, try to keep things as close to regular as possible. Keep meal times the same, especially while getting used to a new eating area, try to get their mat or bowls set up right away and keep them in the same place. Aside from mealtimes, also try to be consistent with other daily routines like bedtime and walks.

Pack your dog’s daily items last

Your dog will be able to find comfort in familiarity. Packing up their items last ensures that while all of the chaos is happening around your home preparing for the move, your pet still has a safe place in their bed or their kennel. Packing them last also makes them easiest to unpack first. Get them started on the settling in process as soon as you enter your new home. We also recommend not washing their bedding or toys before the move, the scent from their old home can make them feel comfortable and know where they belong.

Board your Dog During the Move

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of movers helping you with your transition. If you have people coming in and out of your house all day, and moving boxes around, it could be stressful and confusing for your pet. Consider having a friend watch them for the day or boarding them during the moving day. Not only will it reduce stress, but it can also keep them safe and out of the way.

Check in With Yourself

Managing your own stress is important during a move. Both you and your pets will benefit from taking a minute to relax. Pets can be very in touch with our emotions and could feed off of your negative energy.

It’s important to take notice of any changes that happen to your pet after a move. If the signs of stress and anxiety are popping up, consider consulting a veterinarian for a consultation.