Anyone who’s had a young puppy knows they like to chew everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s the toy you bought specifically for them or the couch cushions, they’ll chew it to bits. Constantly playing tug of war with your favourite pair of shoes can get frustrating and can actually encourage your pup to play with them even more! Anderson Animal Hospital in Vancouver knows the struggle all too well. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help you save your belongings from the jaws of destruction.

Obedience Training

Although it won’t happen overnight, the long-term goal is to train Spot to know the difference between his toys and your valuables. A good way to help them learn is with positive reinforcement. Give your pup a choice between one of his toys and something you don’t want him chewing on. When they when they choose the right toy, congratulate them with praise and maybe a treat or two.

Lots of options

Just like a baby needs a soother, young puppies need to chew on toys. Your new best friend is less likely to go for your valuables if there are always more attractive toys nearby. Keep a plentiful stock of toys around so your puppy doesn’t end up chewing your house to shreds.

Ask for help!

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