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At Anderson Animal Hospital we treat your pet as if they were part of our own family, and in a way, they are. Your pet’s well-being is our greatest priority, and it is our job to keep them happy and healthy.

Just listen to what a few of our happy patients had to say:

“Woof woof bark bark!”
– Fido

“Meow meow purrrrr”
– Meowington Fluffykins

All jokes aside, Anderson Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary centre, headed by the eponymous Dr. Anderson, who brings over 30 years of veterinary expertise to every animal he sees.

Our clients appreciate what we do for their pets- take a look at what some of the pet owners have said about us:

“Dr. Anderson has treated my rabbit for a number of dental problems, including a mouth infection and needing his teeth trimmed. I take him to Dr. Anderson because he is a knowledgeable source of information, has a lot of expertise and takes time to clearly explain what needs to be done to help my rabbit. I feel assured that I am taking my pet to a vet whose opinion and expertise I can trust.”
– Albert I., client for 2 years, has 1 rabbit

“Dr. Anderson is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain things. He treated our hedgehog several years ago, and then our dog for a variety of ailments. He seems to care a lot about the animals he sees, and his staff is very nice, too. Dr. Anderson is good at treating not just the animals, but the owners, too. We appreciate how informative he is, and that he provides different options for treatment.”
– David K. and Scott W., clients for 8 years, currently have 1 dog

If you’re looking for a friendly and knowledgeable vet who cares, contact Anderson Animal Hospital today!