With spring right around the corner, it’s safe to say you and your dog will probably be spending more time outside as the weather gets warmer. While more fresh air is never a bad thing, it’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent fleas from latching onto your furry best friend. Here are some tips to help keep your pets flea-free through the Spring. In the event that one of your pets needs flea removal services, contact Anderson Animal Hospital in Vancouver.

Flea Prevention

To begin with, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect your pet’s for fleas. Make sure to use a flea comb to thoroughly search your pet’s fur for small, brown bugs that move very quickly. By brushing them at least once a week, you will be able to identify any fleas quickly before the problem escalates. It’s also good practice to wash your dog’s bedding thoroughly at least once a month and vacuum your home regularly, paying special attention to corners and crevices where fleas can hide.

Flea Removal

If you find fleas in your home or on your pet, call Anderson Animal Hospital right away. Our friendly team of veterinary professionals in Vancouver offers expert flea removal services for animals of all sizes. Once the flea removal process is complete, the next step is to make sure your home is flea-free. Throw all of your pet’s bedding into the wash immediately and vacuum all the areas where your pet regularly sits. In some cases, it is also a good idea to treat your house with an insect growth regulator spray.

When you need fast, effective flea removal for your pet, Anderson Animal Hospital in Vancouver is your solution. To learn more about flea removal or to request an appointment, give us a call today!