Pet Grooming in Vancouver

Find Affectionate and Experienced Pet Grooming in Vancouver

Maybe it rained recently and your dogs had too much fun in a muddy park. Maybe your cat has gone a long time without a good bath. Or maybe you simply want to pamper your pet with a nail trim.
Whatever the case, Anderson Animal Hospital can help you. We have a professional groomer with many years of experience. Like the rest of us here, she treats pets like family and gives each of them a first-class experience.

Give Your Pet Happiness and Health with Grooming

We offer pet grooming in Vancouver, Marpole, and Oakridge, and we also offer it in the right way. Alexis, our groomer, has worked for us since 2007. Prior to that, she worked overseas in Germany and England. With her knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands at Anderson Animal Hospital.
Alexis combines her valuable training and experience to give your pet a grooming experience that is uniquely enjoyable. Your dog or cat can enjoy the following services with us:

Dog Grooming

  • Nail clipping
  • Brush and comb
  • Bath
  • Haircuts

Cat Grooming

  • Lion cut
  • Bath
  • Nail clipping

Professional Grooming In a Comfortable Environment

Our goal is to help your pet be happy, healthy and clean. Pets and pet owners alike always enjoy a little pampering! One of the advantages of receiving professional pet grooming services at an animal hospital is that we are able to provide sedation and comfort for your animal if needed. As well, you can rest assured that Dr. Anderson’s team has the expertise and experience to provide top quality care to your beloved pet. To learn more about sedation services, call us today at 604-263-6767!

Find All You Need in One Place—and Save While You Do

At Anderson Animal Hospital, we strive for convenience and excellence. We are your one stop shop in Vancouver for all your pet’s grooming needs, and much more! In addition to a wide variety of services, we also offer discounts to our patients for grooming services. To find out more about how you can save, contact one of our team members today at 604-263-6767!
We hope that our care, our convenience, and our collective 80+ years of experience collectively give you and your pet an experience you’ll be glad you had.

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If you are looking for comfortable, caring, and quality pet grooming services in Vancouver, BC, give Anderson Animal Hospital a call at 604-263-6767! We promise to give your pet the highest quality of pet grooming service available – no matter what small animal or exotic pet you have in your family. We will provide the right pampering for your pet’s particular needs with our ride range of pet grooming options available at Anderson Animal Hospital. To read what pet owners are saying about us, check out our reviews and testimonials! To take a virtual tour of the animal hospital, view our facilities page. Want to learn more about our SPCA Satellite Adoption services? Check out our News page for more information. We look forward to meeting you!

We offer service in 4 languages:

English | Cantonese | Mandarin | Spanish

Vancouver vet whose opinion and expertise I trust

Dr. Anderson has treated my rabbit for a number of dental problems, including a mouth infection and needing his teeth trimmed. I take him to Dr. Anderson because he is a knowledgeable source of information, has a lot of expertise and takes time to clearly explain what needs to be done to help my rabbit. I feel assured that I am taking my pet to a vet whose opinion and expertise I can trust.


– Albert I., client for 2 years, has 1 rabbit

You can tell Dr. Anderson loves animals

Over the years, we have taken 5 cats and 1 dog to Dr. Anderson. You can tell he loves animals, and it’s not all about business with him. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and goes above and beyond the call of duty for both the animals and their owners.


– Margaret V., client for 23 years, currently has 1 cat

Dr. Anderson always has a solution

Dr. Anderson is extremely knowledgeable and has a solution for any health problems we have encountered with our pets. We find that Dr. Anderson explains medical issues clearly to us, so we have a good understanding of the problem and treatment. We appreciate that Dr. Anderson and his staff can do everything on-site pretty much right away, from diagnosis to treatment.
– Elizabeth and Tyson B., clients for 8 years, currently have 2 cats and 1 dog

Good at treating not just the animals, but the owners, too! Dr. Anderson is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain things. He treated our hedgehog several years ago, and then our dog for a variety of ailments. He seems to care a lot about the animals he sees, and his staff is very nice, too. Dr. Anderson is good at treating not just the animals, but the owners, too. We appreciate how informative he is, and that he provides different options for treatment.

- David K. and Scott W., clients for 8 years, currently have 1 dog

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